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How challenges can boost your innovation projects?

1   Access to innovative solutions/technologies
Find innovative solutions that address your organization's problem. Define your needs and the desired outcome and ask our network to submit potential solutions.

2   Acquire IP rights over ideas/technologies sent by our solvers
You can submit two types of challenges with different IP rules. See our IP policy .

3   Technologies scouting
Access a general overview of suitable technologies for your project from the solutions provided by our network members.

4   Find new applications for your patent portfolio
Take advantage of our solvers network to find new potential applications/market s for your patents.

Type of challenges

Ideation :
One stage process, just a written proposal is required.
A royalty-free, perpetual, and non-exclusive license to use any information included in the solution is normally required, unless otherwise stated by the challenger. See our IP policy .
  Pre-competitive :
Two step process, written proposal is required and multiple solutions will be short listed. The solvers with short listed solutions will be required to provide information of the Industrial Property status in order to negotiate a tech transfer/license agreement. See our IP policy .
Example of ideation challenge :
  Example of pre-competitive challenge :