Postdoctoral Research position for 24 months (full time) to work on WineSense project at the University of Valladolid

DEADLINE : 25/04/2014      POSTED : 25/03/2014

CATEGORIES : Business & Entrepreneurship,Engineering/Design

Application Submission is closed.

Job Description

The candidate will participate in the knowledge and technology transfer of the process and product development for the intensification of extraction and formulation processes of natural active substances from wine. The selected researcher will contribute in: (a) the development of a strategic plan for dissemination of the project and promote the commercial exploitation of the results and, (b) the widest dissemination of the knowledge generated during its execution and (c) enabling the partners (SME) with the opportunity of increasing revenues by using WineSense outputs.

Company Description

Fundación General de la Universidad de Valladolid which participates in the WineSense project as coordinator, led by Chair Prof. María José Cocero, head of the excellence research group on High Pressure Process Engineering ( , one of the most active and successful research groups of the University of Valladolid.

Education Level Required

Successful candidates must hold a PhD (<10 years experienced researcher) in chemical engineering or other relevant discipline.

Expected Experience

> We are especially looking for candidates (f/m) with research experience in: > 1. Knowledge and Technology Transfer in product development > 2. Process and product development > 3. Demonstration scale design > Furthermore, other demonstrable experience would be highly desirable in: > 1. Full economics to enable subsequent exploitation and business plans. > 2. Pharmaceutical and/or cosmetic industries. > Other skills: interest in quantitative research, strong analytical skills, ability for independent and critical thinking, and excellent communication and writing skills in the English language are a prerequisite.



wine,quantitative research

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