POSTED : 03/07/2014

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Short Description

AutoDiscovery is an intelligent exploratory software that helps researchers unveiling complex relationships in the data files of the scientific experiments.
The main features of AutoDiscovery are the following:
  • Seamless ​Data Consolidation
AutoDiscovery automatically aggregates the different data files generated by the devices along the experimental sessions.
  • +40K Relationships Per Minute
Each and every relationship between the numerical variables and also explosive combinations of them are evaluated at a vertiginous speed.
  • Scientific relevance assesment
Results are automatically sorted out based on their scientific relevance so that your team can focus in the most important first.
  • Hypotheses-based interactive visualization
The interactive Discovery Map provides a powerful easy-to-understand graphical visualization to extract the best conclusions.





Grade of development

Ready to Market

Collaboration Sought

Joint further development

Desired outcome of the collaboration

We look for basic or clinic research labs interested in applying the exploratory data analysis capabilities of AutoDiscovery in their own projects to boost their results and to help at improving the tool at the same time.


software,exploration,relationships,Biostatistics,Drug Discovery,predictive analysis,biomarkers

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