Method of preventing late blowing in cheese by applying high pressure

POSTED : 10/09/2015

CATEGORIES : Food/Agriculture

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Late blowing, due to growth in the cheese of Clostridium tyrobutyricum mainly, is one of the most serious defects in cheeses as it is difficult to correct, it appears with high frequency and has a great economic impact, since it usually affects large volume production and a variety of cheeses can suffer it.
This new technology involves the application of a single cycle of high pressure at low temperature and with a short application time. This method can be applied to all varieties of cheeses susceptible to suffer late blowing, preferably semi-hard and hard cheeses made from raw or pasteurized milk from sheep, cow, goat, or mixtures thereof.


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Late blowing,Cheese,Spores,Bacterial fermentation,Clostridium,High Pressure

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