Dynamic system for the quantitative analysis of swimming in fish embryos and larvae

POSTED : 10/09/2015

CATEGORIES : Food/Agriculture,Life Sciences

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Short Description

System to analyse in a quantitative way the behaviour and the ability to swim counter current of aquatic organisms that have very small sizes, poor pigmentation and a capacity of movement at high speeds and high accelerations with relation to size, when subjected to a controlled water flow speed. It is a gravity system comprising a closed circuit with a controlled and precise water flow passing through a swimming channel with allows transmitted illumination that avoids interferences in the capture of sequential frames taken for the quantification of the organism´s movement.

It can be used for ecotoxicological studies with aquatic organisms, preclinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry as alternative models to mammals. In aquaculture, it allows the selection of those individuals with the best physical condition. 


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We are looking for manufacturers of systems for analysis of swimming in fish, companies engaged in preclinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry or aquaculture companies, for a license agreement and further development


Fishes,Aquatic organisms,Larvae,Embryo,Analysis,Dynamic,Swimming,Movement,Channel,Counter current,Size,Pigmentation,Environmental stress,Toxicology,Aquaculture

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