Seeking partners for a Horizon 2020 project: Phase Ib/IIa clinical trial to assess safety and efficacy of an Allogeneic Cardiac Stem Cell based product for treating CHD

POSTED : 21/01/2014

CATEGORIES : Life Sciences

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Short Description

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) is a crucial challenge for the health systems of the developed world and increasingly for developing countries due to its vast prevalence and the special characteristics of the disease, particularly its long term sequels. Cell therapies are expected to provide clinical evidence on efficacy to treat this disease. We are a Spanish SME that has developed a proprietary allogeneic Cardiac Stem Cells (CMCs) platform that is now entering into first clinical trials to test its safety and efficacy to treat the acute phase of this disease (AMI). In addition, the company is interested in building a consortium that will carry out all necessaries activities to test CMCs product on the cronic phase of this disease (known as Congestive Heart Disease). European Commission has recently released a call of proposals to support clinical research on regenerative medicine and our company plans to coordinate this consortium and lead the preparation of a proposal to be submitted to this call (deadline: April 2015)

Grant Type

HORIZON 2020-SC1-Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Call Identifier

PHC-15-2015.Clinical research on regenerative medicine



Skills expected to be provided by the sought partner

Multidisciplinary consortium is needed to develop this project. The company currently is collaborating with several clinical centres and R&D centres acrross Europe. More clinical centres are sought, with expertise in carrying out clinical trials either in the cardiology or stem cells fields. Contract Reserach Manufacturing companies to produce the stem cell product are also sought. Basic Research centres with extensive expertise in inmunomodulation and cardiac stem cells MoA will be also welcomed.


Cardiac Stem Cells,Clinical Trials,Preclinical development,cell therapy,advanced therapies

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