#Horizon2020 Blue Growth Partner search:Spanish-German quoted SME is willing to participate as a partner on the topic H2020BG-04-2014

POSTED : 10/02/2014

CATEGORIES : Life Sciences

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Short Description

We would like to join consortia that plan to submit a proposal to this topic. SYGNIS envisions its contribution to the consortium in steps following the sampling, sequencing, and bioinformatic analyses of marine organisms starting with characterization of novel enzymes in the molecular biology area up to their final commercialization. Furthermore, SYGNIS could contribute key strategic guidance to the whole project setup. In addition, SYGNIS has the proven capabilities to devise commercialization pathways for novel enzymes, starting with a clear intellectual property strategy, comprehensive market analysis, and business development contacts all over the industry. One of our supervisory board members is the co-founder of Invitrogen / Life Technologies, and founder and owner of Active Motif, with enormous experience in enzyme and tool commercialization. We would like to bring to the consortium our extensive expertise in the field.

Grant Type

HORIZON 2020-SC2-Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research & the bioeconomy

Call Identifier

H2020-BG-2014-2: Enhancing the industrial exploitation potential of marine-derived enzymes



Skills expected to be provided by the sought partner

SYGNIS AG, Heidelberg, Germany, is a biotech company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange that is devoted to the development of novel innovative enzymes and technologies for today’s most challenging applications in molecular biology. SYGNIS AG has two research sites, one in Madrid (X-Pol Biotech S.L.) and one in Heidelberg (SYGNIS Bioscience GmbH). SYGNIS’ key advisors are world renowned experts in enzymology, especially of polymerases, and comprise Profs. Margarita Salas and Luis Blanco. We have in-depth know-how in cloning, expression, characterization, optimization, and production of enzymes. One enzyme developed and produced by us, QualiPhi®, has been out-licensed to the market leader Qiagen and is being sold as key component of kits for single cell nucleic acid amplification. PrimPol is another example of an innovative enzyme with fully novel properties that SYGNIS is exploiting commercially (García-Gómez, 2013, Molecular Cell).


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