#H2020 Seeking join consortia in several topics: PHC-15-2014; PHC-01-2014;PHC-05-2014

POSTED : 27/02/2014

CATEGORIES : Life Sciences

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Short Description

HOSPITAL SAN CARLOS is one of the most relevant hospitals included in the public care system within the Madrid region (Spain). The rheumatology department of this centre is a public research group that combines extensive experience on basic and clinical research on musculoskeletal diseases. The group is interested in joining consortia with proposals under development in the following topics: a)PHC-05-2014: Health promotion and disease prevention: translating 'omics' into stratified approaches b)PHC-01-2014: Understanding health, ageing and disease: determinants, risk factors and pathways c)PHC-15-2014: Clinical research on regenerative medicine

Grant Type

HORIZON 2020-European Research Council

Call Identifier

PHC-15-2014; PHC-01-2014;PHC-05-2014



Skills expected to be provided by the sought partner

In all mentioned cases the group could contribute to the consortium by providing: 1) Access to biological samples: Over the last 20 years, we have collected biological samples (both DNA and plasma) from subjects followed up in our outpatient clinic, diagnosed with different autoimmune diseases [most of them rheumatoid arthritis (RA)], and osteoarthritis. 2) Genotype data: With regard to the RA cohort, we have genome-wide genotype data available from 700 subjects. We also have experience in analyzing genome-wide association studies. 3)Clinical data: We have collected clinical data from these patients, including disease activity, disability, mortality, joint replacement, cardiovascular diseaseā€¦ We also have experience in designing and performing longitudinal analysis, including survival analysis, linear mixed models.


regenerative medicine,Musculoskeletal diseases,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Clinical Trials,genomics

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