Seeking new enzymes from extreme or maritime environments

POSTED : 18/09/2013

CATEGORIES : Life Sciences

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Short Description

The biodiversity of the planet regarding enzymology is in no way depleted. As of today the majority of enzymes in use come from a number of well studied organisms, and optimizing enzymes for demanding applications in a tedious and unpredictable process. One of the greatest discoveries in molecular biology was the family of thermophilic polymerases. It is certain that enzymes with fully novel properties can be discovered in the genomes of (micro-)organisms from extreme climates, and the time has come to fully exploit these ressources with today’s sequencing and bioinformatic technologies. There is high need for improved reverse transcriptases, improved ligases etc. in current applications e.g. with regard to optimal operating temperatures. Our company has demonstrated expertise in identifying and characterizing such fully novel enzymes and is interested in new potential candidates.





Grade of development

Proof of Concept

Collaboration Sought

Joint further development

Desired outcome of the collaboration

The aim of this project is to identify and characterize enzymes with novel properties from sequence information from extreme or maritime environments. Particular emphasis will be placed on new polymerases, reverse transcriptases, ligases.

We are seeking for potential partners: Sequencing companies, bioinformatic companies, subsidaries of big molecular tool providers, researchers already dealing with metagenomes, ecology or maritime biology departments of universities with potential access to rare samples.

Company is opened to negotiate with those potential partners one of the following potential agreements:

1.     in-licensing agreement

2.     Joint further development agreement for discovering, characterized or engineering such new enzimes.


molecular biology,polymerases,DNA sequencing,DNA amplification,ligases,transcriptases

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