Semantic meta-engine deployment for official languages in Spain

POSTED : 29/10/2013

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Short Description

We are looking for an investing partner that is willing to finance and operate the multilingual, collaborative, semantic search expert meta-engine we have developed and patented.

The best form is to create a startup that can be located anywhere the investor selects .

Our goal is to do implementation in all major languages of the world but we yet have contacts to develop also all languages which are spoken in Spain  ( Castillan , catalan, basque or galician). These are the main features offered by our software system:

  1. Search and find informational contents of mainly textual nature and assign to each document , employing methods derived by computational linguistics a l reference linguistic domain (or semantic context).
  2. Select these contents only on the basis of the user supplied domain indication (if any) or order them by domain and subdomain this will substantially reduce the amount of irrelevant , null or mistaken contributions and enhances considerably all other engines’ performances.
  3. Open and analyze once each document and visit also all those which are “linked” do it , resolving doubtful cases by the sure pertinence of at least one connected document.
4. Discard double entries.
5. Eliminate most of fake entries .
6. As a “semantic” engine:
a. To accept only documents which surely belong to the indicated domain , and search all words as full words or forms.
b. To search by full words [forms] with all user supplied keywords and all forms which are connected to them by inflection/conjugation, derivation, composition and semantic domain association.
7. As a multilingual engine:
a. to grant that all documents in all languages which usere is available to accept belong to the correct domain.
b. to search across the implemented languages for forms linked to keyword 
directly by semantic equivalence and indirectly by the same connections in point. In the above case it would search not only direct equivalents like 
i. stella (it) , 
ii. etoile(fr), 
iii. stern(ted) 
iv. estrella(sp) 
v. stjern(dan) 
but also all related forms like 
i. stelle(it - pl), 
ii. etoiles(fr-pl), 
iii. sterne(ger pl ), 
iv. sterns e sternen, (ger – inflected) 
8. As an “expert” system it will:
a. keep at server level track of both its original datacollection and whatever it acquires in elemental information during its activity; 
b. record by timestamp time sequel of contribution enter as to be able to arbiter priority disputation c. allow at client level editing of any document and 
d. keep track of amount of contribution and editing activities as to be able to assist in IPRM . 
9. in its partially distributed function to maintain also by users (if they have 
machine power and mass storage enough ) copies of the catalogue enriching it by local shareable documents .

a full business plan is available in italian  and an executive summary with projection in double language , italian and english





Grade of development

Ready to be Licensed

Collaboration Sought

Joint further development

Desired outcome of the collaboration

We are looking for an investing partner that is willing to finance and operate the semantic meta-engine in any of the spanish official languages ( catalan, basque or galician) or any entity that is intersted in a commercial agreement for further development.


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