New polymerases for nucleic acid amplification and sequencing
Our company is looking for new polymerases that could be used in DNA sequencing and amplification, that overcome the constraints in currently marketed polymerases. The world of medicine is shifting from the traditional "one size fits all" approac..
Posted by: Sygnis AG
Posted Date: 17/09/2013
molecular biology DNA sequencing DNA amplification polymerases
Seeking new enzymes from extreme or maritime environments
The biodiversity of the planet regarding enzymology is in no way depleted. As of today the majority of enzymes in use come from a number of well studied organisms, and optimizing enzymes for demanding applications in a tedious and unpredictable p..
Posted by: Sygnis AG
Posted Date: 18/09/2013
molecular biology polymerases DNA sequencing DNA amplification ligases transcriptases
#Horizon2020 Blue Growth Partner search:Spanish-German quoted SME is willing to participate as a partner on the topic H2020BG-04-2014
We would like to join consortia that plan to submit a proposal to this topic. SYGNIS envisions its contribution to the consortium in steps following the sampling, sequencing, and bioinformatic analyses of marine organisms starting with characteriz..
Posted by: Sygnis AG
Posted Date: 10/02/2014
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I have been helping biotech start-up companies for the last 6 years in securing funds: seed stage an..
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DNA sequencing cell therapy molecular biology polymerases


We are company devoted to the development of novel,superior tools for molecular biology that play key roles in changing the way genomic and proteomic ..
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